151. Milkha singh and tomar was running for a marathon....frm ramnagar to jamnagar...there are two cities between ramnagar and jamnagar ramgarh and rampur and distance between these two cities are 15 km..if milkha singh ran ramnagar to ramgarh in 90 mnts with speed 40km/hr and vkm/hr(v is whole number) speed from ramgarh to rampur in 30 tomar is professanalist so he maintain constain speed during the marathon....and they both reached at n hour find out the value of n..
1. 5       2. 15       3. 41       4. all of above

152. Here are some student standing in circular way like 1,2,3,4,........ The 11 was standing before 40.....if there are 10 girls more than the boys find out how many boys standing against the girl....
1. 21           2. 24             3.               4.

153. If apple is coded as 118 so monkey is coded as?

154. Two trains a and b seperated by a distance of 1200m approach each other at 30m/min.a bird flying at 60 m/min flies from train a to b, returns to a flies back to b and so on till the trains meet.
a. What is the total distance travelled by the bird?
b. How many trips between the train does the bird make in all?

155. What is the difference between first "highest ever decreasing" number and second.where highest ever decreasing number are like 987,75321,954 etc?
a) 1          b) 99          c)9                    d) cant be determined

156. A lump of two metals weighing 18 gm is worth rs 74 but if their weights be interchanged it would be worth rs 60.10p. If the price of one metal be rs 7.20 per gram, find the weight of the other metal in the mixture?

157. There are two vessels one containing 12 litres of water, other 6 litres of wine. If a litre be taken out of each and poured into the other, and if this be repeated four times, find how much wine will be in contained one?

158. How many values of c in the equation
x^2-5x+c=0, results in rational roots which are integer?
A) 1        B) 3        C) 0         D) infinite

159. Find the no. Of ways u can fill 3*3 grid (with 4 corners a,b,c,d) if u have 3 white marbles and 6 black marbles?

160. Two regular polygons have the number of their sides in the ratio 2:1 and their interior angle in the ratio 5:4. The number of sides of the two polygons are?