181. From digit 0-9, how many no. Can be made such that two adjacent digits are same. Like-119,911.....

182. find the value of log22002 + log32002 + log42002 + log52002 - log102002 - log112002 - log122002 - log132002 - log142002
a) 0       b) 1          c) -1          d) 2002log2002

183. A number 'z' contains all the digits from 1 to 9 exactly once. Z is divisible by 99. What will b the number on its hundredth place.
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

184. puzzle of arvind and 5 ministers? How may combinations were possible and what were the other answers?

185. A(n)= 1/(log base n value 2002)
what is the value of a(2)+a(3)+a(4)+a(5)-a(10)-a(11)-a(12)-a(13)-a(14)

186. From a container having pure milk ,20% is replaced by water and the process is repeated thrice. At the end of the third operation , the milk is
a) 40% pure b) 50% pure c) 51.2% pure d) none

187. If the distance between two station is 6000 km and there are 10 stops between them train takes i^2 mints if i is odd and train takes i mints if i is even and the speed of train is 90km/hr
then how much tme it will take ?

188. Ram and shaym have a cube each. Ram paints 4 faces of cube red and rest with blue colour. Ram asked shyam to paint his cube with red and blue colour.they now started rolling it.after long observation ram found that the probability of getting same colour in both the cube is 1/3. How many faces of his cube did shyam painted red.
a) 0        b)2        c)3          d)4

189. A train 300 m log overtook a man walking along the line (in the same direction of the train) at the speed of 5km/hr and passed him in 30 sec. The train reached the station in 15 min it hass passed the man . In what time man reach the station....?

190. How many positive integers n are there such that the least common multiple of n and 1000 is 1000?