161. Square a is formed with the diagonal of square b as its sides and square b has the diagonal of square c as its side? Find the ratio of the area of square c to square a?

162. The wages of labourers in a factory increases in the ratio 22:25 and there was a reduction in the number of labourers in the ratio 15:11. Find the original wage bill if the present bill is rs 5000?

163. Assume that the distance that a car runs on 1 litre of petrol varies inversely as the square of the speed at which it is given. It gives a run of 25 km per litre at a speed of 36 km wat speed should it be driven to get a run of 36 km per litre?

164. A covers a circular track in 15 mins while b does so in 25mins. In how much time will a and b together again? They start running in the same direction from the same point?

165. 'P' is a 3 digit number. First digit from the left is a square of the last digit. None of the digit is repeated in 'p'. How many number of primesubdents are possible. (primesubdent is a number that can not be divided by 2,3,5)
a)6 b) c) d)72

166. A can contains a mixture of two liquids a and b in proportion 7:5. When 9 litres of mixture was drawn off and the can was filled with b, the proportion of a and b becomes 1:2. How many litres of mixture was contained by the can initially?

167. Y=(x^4)+4
where x is a 4 digit number. What is the probability that y is divided by 5
a)1/5        b)2/5        c)4/5           d)1

168. A dealer sells an article at a profit of 1/4 of the cost. Had he sold at a profit of 1/4 of the selling price, he would have gained rs 50 more. The cost of the article is ?

169. A grain merchant purchased 2 varieties of rice, the price of the first kind being twice that of the second. He sells the mixture for rs 28 per kg making a profit of 25%. If the ratio of the first to the second is 2:3 in the mixture, then the variety coated is?

170. I have done 4 out of 6 right in quant and 3 out of 4 in reasoning,11-12 out of 14 in much percentile could i score