111. Total number of numbers which are neither square or cube of a number less than 1000.

112. Find the total no of 3 digits number such that if one of the digit is 3 then it must be followed by 7.

113. Dhaniram lights a agarbatti each morning and stops it at 1/3rd of its length. After how much days he will be left with 10% of the original height of agarbatti.
a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) cannot be determined

114. Three dices rolled . What is the probability of getting atleast one six.
a) 1/6*5/6*5/6 b) 3*1/6*5/6*5/6 c) 5/6*5/6*5/6 d) none

115. A maximum number of 3 digit such that when expressedin base 2 or base 3 or base 7 has 1 as the rightmost(last) digit. If a,b,c are the first digits(leftmost) of the base 2, base 3 and base 7 representation of that number. Then sum of a,b,c

116. A number n has some divisor such that 2n has 48 divisors and 3n=30 divisors. Find n. N is a non negative number.

117. Two trains starts to run with a speed of 5kmph and 7kmph from two stations a & b respectively towards each other. Both the trains reverse its direction after reaching either of the station. The distance between the two stations is 27km.if they both starts to run at 06:00am, at what time they will meet exactly in between the two stations for the second time?

118. A square abcd shares 25% of its area with a rectangle aefg, such that ae>ab and a, b, e are collinear. Also, rectangle aefg shares 50% of its area with the square abcd. Find ae/ag.

119. How many six digits nos. Can be formed using digits 1 to 6 such that no. Is always divisible by digit at its unit place??

120. A natural no. Has exactly 10 divisors including 1 and itself. How many distinct prime factors can this natural no. Have?
a) either 1 or 2 b) either 1 or 3 c) either 2 or 3 d) either 1,2 or 3