121. 6 bangles eachof 4 cm in diameter,what is their minimum diameter of the plate required so that each of bangles are kept without overlapping(bangles touching each other)?

122. There is a triangle with angles x, y and z such that x>y>z. Find |xmax-ymax|?
A) 2       b)20       c)88        d)40

123. A horse-carter has two wheels,front-wheel and backwheel...and their circumference r in the ratio x:y. Front-wheel take t rotations in one min and back-wheel takes t+x rotation in one minute.t,x,y r integers > find the second least value of y...when y>x?

124. Z=260*1024+73*512+128*129+81+9 (z in decimal system).
Now y be the octal representation of z in number many time will the digit 3 be in y
options = >2/3/4/5

125. A quadrilateral pqrs circumscribes a circle with center o and pq||rs and pq thrice of rs.length of qr,sp are equal but not parallel.perimeter of quadrilateral iss 24...then area of quadrilateral=?

126. 2 circles intersect each other at 2 points p and q .smaller circle has radius 1 cm.if arc extended by smaller circle is 90 degree and that of the larger circle in 60 degree at their corresponding centres.find out the common area of the circles??

127. Isro has devised a new digital wrist watch for abhishek, who will be the first human being to spend 3 mars years on planet mars. The watch divides one mars day into 40 hours, each hour into 60minutes and each minute into 60 seconds. Abhishek has the habit of glancing at his watch frequently throughout the day (and night). What is the probability that he will see all the digits reading the same (for example, 1 : 11 ) during any single glance? Assume the watch is set to a 20 hour format hh:mm, where four past four pm is shown as 4:04
(a) 1/120      (b) 1/200      (c) 1/240      (d)1/120000

128. 200 students are waiting to enter the auditorium where belhi university is conducting its annual convocation. Each student has been assigned a seat number (from 1 to 200) and has been requested to seat in their respective seats only. Each student is allowed to enter the auditorium in the order of their seat numbers. Amitabh the rebel, who holds the token for seat #1 always believes in breaking the rules. He will ignore the instructions and randomly occupy a seat. All of the other students are quite obedient, and will go to their proper seat unless it is already occupied. If it is occupied, they will then find a free seat to sit in, at random. What is the probability that the last (200th) student to enter the auditorium will seat in his proper seat (#200)?
(a)1/200      (b)1/100     (c)1/10     (d) 1/2

129. What is the maximum value ofa right circular cone, which can be cut from a solid cuboid having dimensions 12x10x15?
A)100π           b)120π        c)125π       d)225π

130. A leaky cistern is filled in 5 hours with 30 pairs of 12 litres each, but in 3 hours with 20 pails of 16 litres each, the pails being poured in at intervals. Find how much the cistern hold?