101. How many six digits numbers can be formed using the digits 1to 6, without repetition. Such that the number is divisible by the digits at its unit place ?

102. For rs 600 mr karan can by max 24 teacups and for rs 1000 he can by max 15 coffecups. He has 2200 in his pocket and buy 8 teacups. What is the max no of cup of coffe mr karan can buy with his remaining money?

103. Two teams of football,iit and iim are playing against each other. The match was held in 4 quarters. Iit has scored goals in increasing gp in each quarter,whereas iim has scored in increasing ap in each teams have a total of more than 100 goals,and iim has scored 1 goal extra than iit. So how much goals they together scored in first half?

104. 1/a+1/b+1/c=1/(a+b+c) find (a+b)(b+c)(c+a) ?

105. What is the remainder when expression /
2^2+22^2+222^2+2222^2+....+22222...48 times^2 divided by 9.

106. What will remainder when 128^1000 is divided by 153..?

107. A basketball is dropped from a height of 40 bounces back each time to a height which is one half of the height of the last far approximatesly will the ball have to be travelled before it comes to rest?
a)80ft.   B)120 ft       c)180 ft      d)cannot b determined

108. A sum becomes rs 13380 after 3 years and rs 20070 after 6 years on compound interest. The sum is ?

109. X=w^2+1 such that 121 < x < 1331 (11^3=1331).what cannot be the remainder when x is divided by 11 provided x is not a prime number ?
a) 2       b)4        c) 6        d) 8

110. K1= -19 k2= -139/3 such that kj=kj-1 – kj-2 . J is in sub script. Find the 602nd term of such a sequence ?