141. A can build a wall in 30 days. B can demolish that wall in 60 days. If a and b work on alternate days, when will the wall be completed?

142. 4 pipes can fill a reservoir in 20,30,40 and 60 hrs respectively. The first was opened at 6 am , second at 7 am, third at 8 am and fourth at 9 am. When will the reservoir be filled up?

143. To do a piece of work , b takes 3 times as long as a and c together and c takes twice as long as a and b together. If three together can complete the work in 10 days, how long would a take by himself?

144. A can do as much work as c in 2 days and c does in 3 days as much work as b in 4 days. What time b would require to do a work which a can do in 16 weeks?

145. A gang of labourers do a piece of work in 10 days, but five of them became absent and so the rest do the work in 12 days.find the original numbers in the gang?

146. Three persons a,b and c rent the grazing of the park for rs 570. A put 126 oxen in the park for 3 months, b puts in 162 oxen in the park for 5 months and c puts in 216 oxen in the park for 4 months. What part of rent should b pay?

147. A contractor undertook to complete a piece of work in 120 days and employed 140 men upon it. At the end of 66 days only half of the work was done,so he put on 25 extra men. By how much time did he exceed the specific time?

148. Did anyone remember the question of data sufficiency ,,question was like that q) what is value of x^3+y^3 1)(x+y)^3 given that (x+y)=4 2) dont remember the statemnt given (x+y)=4 xy=2..

149. G(n)= 2 *sum of first n digit no+41 then wîch is the smallest non prime no. A)n=6 b)n=7 c)n=40 d) g(n) is always prime no.

150. Find out the total numbers from 9 to 1000 as the where first digit is lower than the next like (12....not like 21)
1.120       2.219           3.255            4.