61. A trader uses a 110 cm scale while buying cloth and uses 90 cm scale while selling the cloth. He further provides 10% discount to cost price. What is his overall profit percentage?

62. There is a 7 digit number x in which the units digit and the first digit is divisible by 4. The middle digit is divisible by 3. A number x' is formed by reversing the digits of the number x (eg. If x=1234567 the x' =7654321). Y=x-x'. What is the remainder when y is divided by 18.
A)r < 3 b)3

63. Mr. X takes 30 seconds to go up by using "moving up" escalator and takes 120 seconds to come down using "moving up" escalator. Find the tome to move up when the escalator is standstill ?

64. P is a point inside a triangle abc and its distance from three vertices a,b,c are 6,8,11 respectively.what could be perimeter of the triangle?

65. Karan and arjun love to hitting the target if the probability of hitting the target of bot karan and arjun is 1/2.both hit the target 2 times then find what is the probability of they hit the target equal times?

66. Write a ten digit no in such way that like 2nd digit will represent no of 2‟s in a number, 0th digit will represent no of 0‟s in a number, 9th digit will represent no of 9‟s in a number, and so on ?

67. W*3^3 + x*3^2 + y.3 + z = 117
how many possible combination are there?
1)4 2)7 3)9 4)10

68. The circle o having a diameter 2 cm,has square inscribed in it each side of the square is then taken as the diameter to form 4 smaller circles to' find the total area of 4 circles which is outside the circle o.?

69. There are two swimmers at the two end of a swimming pool. then first meet at a distance of 50 km from the east and there second meeting will be at a distance of 20 km from the west end. What is the length of the pool.?

70. A triangle abc has an area of 150 sq cm. The length of the largest side is 50 cm and smallest side is 10 cm. What will be the perimeter of the triangle Ratio of boys to girls 4:5 , when 100 girls leave the school the ratio becomes 6:7 . How many boys are there ?
A) 1600 b) 1200 c) 600 d) 800