51. Mr. A starts using shed and shoulder shampoo. Due to work pressure he lost 1/4th of his hair every year. After how many years will he having 25% less hair than what he had at the start of usage of shampoo?
A) 3     b) 4     c) 5      d) 7

52. A set s has all 3-digit numbers which is divisible by 11. Mr. A picks one numbers out from the set which when divided by 3 and 7, remainder is same. How many numbers is possible to pick out by mr. A?
A) 12               b) 21               c) 24               d) 36

53. The series is a, zz, bbb, xxxx, what is the alphabet at the 210th position?

54. Among five numbers p, q, r, s and t, p is greater than r. R is greater than t. S is greater than q. If r is greater than s, which of the numbers could possibly be the smallest number?

55. Seven individuals - p, q, r, s, t, u and v - participate in a race. V finishes ahead of p who finishes ahead of q. If r finishes first, then t finishes last. If s finishes first, then u or q finishes last. If s finishes sixth and q finishes fifth, who finishes in the third or fourth place?

56. Five persons are sitting in a line wearing different coloured shirts. One of the two persons, at the farthest ends, is wearing white while the other is wearing black. The person in the red shirt sits to the right of a person wearing a yellow shirt. A person wearing a green shirt is to the left of the person with the black shirt and the person with the yellow shirt is sitting between the person wearing the white shirt and the person in the red shirt. Who sits on the left of the person with the yellow shirt?

57. To renovate a house, the services of a carpenter, plumber, painter, electrician and interior decorator have been hired for five days starting monday. Each of the above have to be allocated one day for work. The carpenter can only allocate time from wednesday onwards. The interior decorator has to finish before the electrician. The painter can work only after the plumber and carpenter. If the electrician works on friday, when does the painter work?

58. The radius of mars is about one half the radius of earth. What fraction of earth's volume is mars' volume?

59. Ralph is four times as old as frank. In 20 years, ralph will be twice as old as frank. How old are ralph and frank?

60. Person a and person b tosses two times a single coins each find out what is the probability that both get equal times heads
1)5/16             2)1/4  3)3/8               4)1/2