41 Two swimmers start swimming in a swimming pool from opposite ends. They met first at a distance of 50m from east and return back, they met again for second time at 20m from west then find the length of pool. Assume their speeds are constant.?

42. g1,g2,g3,g4 are in g.p, where g=g1 and r is the common ration and log4(g1)+log4 g2 +log4 g3 +.... = 2500, then find the possible pair of (g,r) ?

43. Number of zeros b/w 1to 999?

44. what is 5(h-a) ? If |a-2|=6 and |b+4|=2 then b/a=?

46. What will be the difference between the cost of 12 cows and 36 goats?
(1). The cost of 12 cows and 36 goats is rs 1200.
(2). If the cost of cows is doubled, then cost of 12cows will be equal to 72 goats.

47. How many nos. Are there within 500 which has exactly 24 factors.
A) 2 b) 3 c) 1 d) 0

48. A string is in the form of a triangle,an insect is sitting on one of the vertex.the probability of taking a path out of the two by the insect is 1/2.what is the number of sample spaces in which insect returns to its original position after travelling 7 paths? find 2a+1 ?
A)7 b)11 c)13 d)15

49. find the numbers corresponding to that alphabates?
Z is a natural number. And sqrt, cube root, 4th root, 5th root, 6th root, or 7th root of z is also an integer value. If q = log z base 32.
What would be the value of q?
a) 1.4 b) 7 c) 13.37 d) ___ not remember around 15.

50. A^2 + b^2 = 1/4
where a and b are integral values what would be the value of a and b for ab to be minimum?
A) 1/sqrt8 b) -1/sqrt8 c) -1/8 d) 0