21. In an examination, 70% students passed in science and 65% passed in social studies. 27% of the students failed in both the subjects. If only 292 students passed in both the subjects, the total number of students appearing for the examination was ?

22. In how many ways can 12 papers be arranged if the best and the worst papers never come together?

22. A man ate 100 apple in five days daily he ate more than 6 apples when compare to previous day how many apples he ate in first day.......?

23. A subscriber is allowed to make a certsin number of telephone calls for a lump sum charge of rs 300.beyond that he is charged at a caertain rate per call. Two subscribers together make 1400 were chage rs 425 and 925 respectively. If a single person had made all of the 1400 call would have charged rs 1550. How many telephon calls are allowed for the first rs 300?
1.300 2. 350 3. 400 4.450

24. A sum of many lent out at compound interest increase in value by 50% in 5 year. A person lend three differnt sum of mony x,y,and z for 10,15,and 20 years respectively at the at in such a way that he gets back equals sums of money at the end of the three the ratio x:y:z ?
1)4:3:2          2) 5:4:1         3) 9:6:4          4) 11:9:7

25. A man employs 20 men, 15 women and x children. He pays daily wages of rs 10 per men rs 8 per women and rs 4 per child. His daily average wages bill works out to rs 8.50 per person. What the value of x?

26. A table cloth is in the shape of regular decagon(polygon with 10 sides) of side has roses printed on it and spread evently over its entire area. The cloth is draped over a table who is the shape of a regular decagon of side 2 ft. To a person who looks at the table from vertex above and cannot see any portion of the cloths hanging over the side approximately how many can he count?
1. 351/2 2. 40 3. 80 4. 20.

27. There are 137 player taking part in a tennis tournaments to be played on a knock-out bases(on personloses.he is out of the tournament).byes will be given to players to the next round if the number of players in any round is ,many matches must be played to decide the ultimate winner?

28. Atul and bhavi were playing a game of finding a number atul will give a clue to bhavi and bhavi had to find that number the clues were ?
1. It is a 3 digit number
2. The number starts with a digit 1
3. The product of the number is the factor of that number.

29. How many numbers or combinations are possible?
A) 7 b) 8 c) 11 d) 13

30. What is the sum of the digit of the highest number so formed ?
A)12 b)14 c)13 d)17