11. A cow was standing on a bridge, 5m away from middle of the bidge. A train was coming towards the bridge from the end nearest to the cow. Seeing this the cow ran towards the train and managed to escape when the train was 2m away from the bridge. If it had run in the opposite direction (i.e away from the train ) it would have been hit by the train 2m before the end of the bridge , what is the length of the bridge in metres assuming speed of train is 4 times that of the cow?
a. 32 b. 36 c. 40 d. Can't b detrmnd

12. How many six digits number can be formed using the digits 0 to 5, without repetition such that the number is divisible by the digit at its unit place.
a. 420 b. 426 c. 432 d. None

13. There is a bridge of 40m length.a cow is standing 5m away from the middle of the bridge.a train is coming from the direction nearest to the cow.if the cow runs towards the opposite direction of the train then he escapes the bridge when the train is 2m away from the bridge and if the cow runs towards the same direction as of the train then the train hits the cow 2m before the other end of the bridge.then what is the ratio of speed of the cow and the train...?

14. In 4*4 matrix what is probability of forming a triangle when any three points are chosen at random?

15. Find then sum of numbers between 1 to 200 which when divided by either 5 or 7 leaves remainder of 2?

16. A material's cost is directly proportional to the square of its weight.when this material is broken into pieces of the weight ratio 1:2:3:5,it fetched rs.162000( m not sure what this value was).so what is the original cost of material?

17. What is the number of odd factors of 49000000?

18. There is a tank which gets continuous supply from a large tank.there are 10 outlets to the tanks which can empty the tank in 2.5 hours after the tank is full.provided that the supply to the tank is open during this period.again if 6 outlet pipes are open it will take 5.5 hours to many time it will take to empty the tank if 3 pipes are open?
a)13        b)11     c)8.5       d) dont remember.

19. How many 1s in the binary representation of 512*64+255+3?
a)11       b)9       c)13       d) don't remember

20. Sets A and B have 3 and 6 elements each. What can be the minimum number of elements in AUB?
a) 3       (b) 6        (c) 9       (d) 18        (e) 24