1. A and b started from the same point on a circular track. The ratio of their speed is n:1 (n is a whole number). If 5th and 17th time they meet at the same point, what can not be the value of n?
A) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 6

2. 32400 students login everyday to elitmus website. And stay on the website for 9 minutes. If the access to website if for only 18 hours in a day, then how many students can be found online at a point of time?
A) 324 b) 300 c) 270 d) 200

3. If dp1, dp2, ........,dp24 are the difference between 24 prime numbers in series. 89 is the 24th prime numbers find the sum of dp1 + .... + dp24? (8th june elitmus)
a) 85 b) 89 c) 95 d) 97

4. There are two concentric circles, between them a running track is there, milkha singh can run 24m straight starting from one point on the outer circle to the other point on the outer circle touching only once the inner circle. What is the amount of synthetic material required to build the track. (asked on 8th june)
a) 144 pi b) 162 pi c) 192 pi

5. If there is a cube of dimension 7*7*7 which is made up of 343 smaller cube. A square of dimension 3*3*3 is inserted on each face of the cube. What is the total number of replaced smaller cube?
 A) 109 b) 162 c) 192 d) ?

6. What is the approx. Value of w, if w=(1.5)^11,given log2=0.301, log 3=.477.
A) 68 b) 86 c) 105 d) 125

7. 10th floor of a skyscraper is 2 inches swayed. If the top floor is swayed more than 1 foot(12 inches), structure becomes unstable. What can be the height of the building??

 8. If x,y,z are super prime no's then what is product xyz equal to?(if p is a prime , p+1 is a super prime)
1.xy(z-1) 2.yz(x-1) 3.

9. Find x, 192 five digit numbers can be made using the digits 1,2,3,4,5 and x.

10. How many three digit numbers are there in which product of their digit is 36. Ex: 236, in this product of digit is 36