191. A cow standing on a bridge, 5 m away from the center of the bridge.a train was coming towards the bridge from the end nearest to the cow, seeing this the cow run towards the train and manage to escape when the train was 2m away from the end of the bridge if it had run in the opposite direction it would have been hit by the train 2 m before the end of the bridge. What is the length of the bridge (in m) if speed of train is 4 times the speed of cow ??

192. Compute the number of distinct way in which 56 toffees can be distributed to 5person a,b,c,d and e so that no person receives less than 10 toffees(toffee can not be devided)??

193. How many solutions exist for (x+5)^1/3=x((x+5)^1/3)
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

194. Log a,log b,log c are in gp and m,n,o are in ap ,then (o-n)log a+(o-m)log b +(n-m)log is equal to ?
A) (o-n)log abc b) 0 c) 1

195. The method of selecting a member is to make stand all member in a straight line and are alotted roll no from right so person at right most is 1 and last is 513 if ther are 513 members so now one will start from right and will remove all alternate like 2,4 will be eliminated than when it reaches otherside will do same to right ie 512 514 will remove okk alternately so if person have to b elected where will person should stand

196. A 3 digit no in form a+4b+c is divisible by 42 then the no is neccessary divisible by a-9,b-2,c-6 d-none of these

197. How many 3 digit no sum will have sum 18
a) 51 b) 54 c) 61 d) 64

198. How many values of c in the equation x^3-5x+c result in rational roots which are integers?
a)1 b)3 c)0 d)infinite

199. What is the minimum number of distinct lines representing the altitudes,medians,and interior angles bisector of an obtuse triangle?

200.Number of numbers which have prime number of factorials in between 1 to 100 (hint no. Of prime no. = 25) ?